The story of PVR Inox shows has a happy ending

While the premieres are going to start in a few hours, fans are worried that advance bookings have not started in PVR Inox multiplexes. Because the tickets available in single screens and other multiple complexes in cities like Hyderabad are sold out. Even after searching with flood lights, there is no situation to find a piece. Due to lack of shows in PVR complexes in all major parts of the city, all the pressure falls on the remaining screens

Finally, the negotiations made by the owners of PVR Inox with the producers of Salar have yielded results. Bookings are being made from four o’clock shows in the morning.

This problem started with the sending of Dunky shows.

The news that the producers of Salar have decided not to give content in protest against the fact that Shahrukh Khan's film is given priority in the North and they are not being given minimum support, yesterday, the news of the whole country hit the media.

It is necessary for our producers to take care in advance so that such problems do not arise in the coming days.

The most pan India films in any language are going to come from Tollywood. Game Changer, Pushpa 2, Kalki, Vishwambhara, Mahesh Babu-Rajamouli are going to dominate the entire Indian market with thousands of crores of investments going to overwhelm the trade.

As our Indian Cricket Board controls the ICC, all the things beyond Bollywood are going to come into our secret.

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