Jai Shree Ram : Amazing Ram Raksha Stotra-

The changes in the body after chanting Ram Ram are described by the scientific theory. Since I didn’t understand, both my grandfathers, uncles, maternal uncles used to tease each other…Jai shree Ram

Ramram had heard the word many times but did not understand the meaning. Why should Ramraksha Stotra be recited one day?Jai shree Ram I understood the meaning of why should be said when there is a bad situation.

Jai Shree Ram Raksha Stotra :

1) While pronouncing the letter ‘R’, the part near the navel i.e. Bambi is drawn inwards. When it enters, our Manipur Chakra is activated. This chakra is near the navel. It has ten petals and is the presiding deity of Vishnu, the guardian of the virtuous creation.Jai shree Ram

2) The center of gravity of the body is in this chakra. 

3) By focusing on this chakra, sattva qualities increase in the mind and it becomes stable.

4) What is perception? Steadfastness of mind means Dharana or concentration.Jai shree Ram

5) The study of fixing the mind on a part of the body is the study of perception.

6) Important— Once we know the position of our chakras in the body, then we do Dharana (concentrate our mind on that position) or it is called Dharana on that Chakra.

7)The Nadichakra on which we fix the mind (conceived) that the trades of the nadis in that chakra and the senses under its control start smoothly.Jai shree Ram

For example:Jai shree Ram

the following organs/glands in our body are under the control of Manipur Chakra – Liver -Pancreas-Small Intestine-Kidney- Adrenal Gland-Gall bladderIf the Manipur Chakra is disturbed, these diseases can occur-Indigestion-Diabetes-Acidity-Ulcer-Cholitis-Appendicitis-Kidney Stone- Nephropathy.Adrenal Glands have been mentioned above. These glands produce very important hormones called adrenaline and cortisol…  If the level of Adrenaline deteriorates, the following results occur- High BPHigh SugarDepressionWhen we get bad news, our heart rate increases, BP increases, fear increases, excitement increases, anxiety increases…Jai shree Ram

 Why is that?????Jai shree Ram So at that time our Adrenal Glands get very excited. This is what we call a pit in the stomach or a pit in the chest. This trauma is on our Manipur chakra not on the heart but it has effects on the heart. Jai shree Ram

Then our systems activate immediately to release that pressure. Some people pass urine immediately, some people have to go to the toilet immediately… It happens to understand that our systems are working properly. In such a situation many old people start chanting Ram Raksha…right?????Why Ram Raksha?Jai shree Ram

Jai shree Ram:

The seed letter of Manipur Chakra is R. Repeated chanting of R activates our Manipur Chakra and stimulates all the organs/glands associated with it…Jai shree Ram in simple words it charges and regulates its discharge… But if you keep saying the same thing, it will get boring. Our sage Budhkaushika had a firm knowledge of this, so he composed the Ram Raksha Stotra.How many times the letter R occurs in Ram Raksha? Check it out. Imagine how many times R will be pronounced if it is revised! 

Then think how many times your Manipurchakra will hurt. If you want to activate any chakra, you have to meditate on it. If we close our eyes and concentrate our mind on the Manipur chakra while chanting Ram Raksha, our chakra will definitely be activated and the energy generated by the continuous pronunciation of the letter ‘R’ will purify and strengthen the nadis in those chakras and the senses under its control… As a result, the diseases associated with it will also be eradicated. .Jai shree Ram

That is why the old people used to say Ram bolo bhai Ram when taking their ancestors to their funeral after someone died… why should the pressure on the mind be lightened. In order to maintain our health and the health of others, we used to say Ramram to each other by repeating the letters Ram Ram, R R…Ram Ram.Jai shree Ram 

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