Road Accident Report 2022:

257 deaths due to violation of traffic rules, this is the reason for most incidents

According to Delhi Traffic Police officials, road accidents are caused by many factors ranging from road engineering. These include lapses related to lack of awareness among citizens, road-owning agencies, engineering authorities, emergency health care system, traffic police and the citizens themselves.
Delhiites do not care about traffic rules and violate traffic rules the most. Due to this, maximum number of lives are lost in Delhi. Or say that among the known causes of road accidents, more people die than not following traffic rules.

Second biggest reason:
The vehicles are moving at high speed. In the year 2022, 1461 people lost their lives in Delhi, while 5201 people were injured. Of these, 257 people died due to violation of traffic rules. The Road Accident Report-2022 released by Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora shows that people in Delhi violate traffic rules the most.

Pedestrian accident :
prone area Of the 117 accident prone areas, 24 have been identified as pedestrian accidents. Total pedestrian accidents within a 500 meter diameter range are included based on the criteria of three or more fatalities or ten or more.
  1. 12 accident prone areas Zone Type Accident Prone Area :
  2. Multi-level intersection
  3. 28 intersection
  4. 20 road extension
  5. 15 T-intersection
  6. 13 metro station
  7. 10 Multi-Intersection
  8. 9 Highway Village
  9. 7 Bus-Stand
  10. 6 hospital
  11. 4 exchange hub
  12. 3 roundabout
  13. flyover 1
  14. total 117

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