Prof Sameer Khandekar: IIT professor who collapsed while giving a speech in the auditorium..Mriti!

The incident happened on Friday in the IIT Kanpur auditorium

Prof. Sameer Khandekar collapsed while addressing the students

The doctors declared him dead when he was rushed to the hospital

A professor who has been suffering from illness for the past few years

A shocking incident took place in IIT Consur on Friday. Addressing the students in the auditorium, Prof. Sameer Khandekar suddenly collapsed. 

The doctors said that he was already dead when he was taken to the hospital. In the middle of the speech he collapsed due to pain in his chest. 

He became unconscious within minutes and was rushed to a nearby cardiology institute. However, it was found that he had already died. 

Students and fellow professors were shocked when a man who had appeared healthy until then suddenly died. From 2019 Prof. Khandekar is suffering from high cholesterol problem. 

Meanwhile, his son, who is in Cambridge University, will perform the last rites after his return.  

Born in Jabalpur, Prof. Sameer did his B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. Later, he did his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Germany. 

In 2020, he was appointed as the Head of Mechanical Engineering Department at IIT Kanpur.

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