Pokémon Horizons

Shows The True Power Of Legendaries In Its Most Epic Battle:

Pokémon Horizons had its greatest battle yet in episode #33, with Black Rayquaza proving that Legendary Pokémon aren’t beings to be trifled with.

 The battle between Amethio and the Black Rayquaza in episode 33 of Pokémon Horizons showcased the true power of legendary Pokémon.
Despite using two Pokémon, Amethio was no match for Rayquaza, highlighting the immense power of the legendary Pokémon.

 The battle served as a reminder to all characters in Pokémon Horizons that they have a long way to go before achieving their goals and demonstrated the terrifying power possessed by Rayquaza.

Thus begins one of the most brutal beatdowns in Pokémon history, with Rayquaza truly proving what it means to be a Legendary Pokémon with its raw power.

Rayquaza Gives Amethio the Beatdown of a Lifetime:

Despite using two Pokémon, Amethio is no match for Rayquaza at all. While initially avoiding Rayquaza's attacks, Amethio's Ceruledge managed to land what should've been a powerful hit, only for Rayquaza not to react. Rayquaza then swats Amethio's Ceruledge out of the air hard, sending it hurtling into an island below and creating a crater. It wasn't done yet, however; Rayquaza then proceeded to repeatedly attack the crater with Dragon Pulse in a brutal display of power. The battle's end looked more like something out of Dragon Ball Z than Pokémon, showing how much the series has changed since Ash.

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