Bigg Boss Season 17:Isha Breakup With Samarth

A new commotion is being seen every day in the TV reality show Bigg Boss 17, while in the show, Isha Malviya is stuck between her two boyfriends.

As TV’s famous show Bigg Boss 17 is reaching a milestone, a new uproar is being seen in the show every day. This season, Isha Malviya has been in the headlines for her love triangle. Let us tell you, Isha had entered this show with her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Kumar. Along with this, her present boyfriend Samarth Jurel made a wild card entry in the show. In such a situation, Isha is stuck between her two boyfriends. In the new promo of the show, Isha was seen crying profusely in front of Ankita.

Isha Malviya stuck between her past and present:
Actually, a new promo of Bigg Boss 17 has come out. 
In which you can see that Abhishek is seen crying sitting on the ground in a corner of the house. 
Meanwhile, on the sofa outside, Isha is very sad about this. 
Isha too is unable to control her emotions after seeing Abhishek crying and starts crying. 
Ankita silences Isha. 
Ankita asks Isha the reason for her crying, then Isha says that again I am stuck between two people. 
Samarth says something, Abhishek says something. 
Then I support my present. 

Isha revealed her past:
Isha further said that then Abhishek says something, then there is a fight between us. I don’t want to speak ill of Abhishek. Because something has happened to us too at some point or the other. I was stuck between this past and present. I can’t do all this. On this, Ankita explains to Isha that she should not get involved in all this. Abhishek was your past and Samarth is present, so look at him.  

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